Ordinary People Masturbating


Watch Him Masturbate

Found a clip of the always handsome Jay masturbating on his deck.  Added a few of his recent pictures for more bate fuel.


He Loves Being Nude

I've had a thing for this guy since I first saw him several years ago.  His cute smile, meaty body and perfect sized cock all drive me wild.  He's always rated high on the list of men I'd like to masturbate with.

Something to Warm You Up

He's Luvbennude

This gentleman was so popular I decided to do a second feature on him.  He even wrote to say thanks and invites you to contact him.  You can get his info on his X-Tube page I think. I've got some of his earlier pictures and an older vid and they're followed by some more recent pictures and his most recent vid.  EnJOy!  I always do.