Watch Him Masturbate

I've always liked this guy's body, especially his modestly sized penis.

Bator Bliss

Husband Material

The Best Part of Waking Up Is..........


A Tall Drink Of Water

Here's another guy who has been popping up in numerous blogs.  And he has plenty to "pop up" if you know what I mean.  I love his smile, his body and his meat.  You all know what I do when I see him.

Hot Daddy

I've seen this man's pictures popping up on several blogs and have been very turned on by him.  I think it's the touch of redneck that he gives off.  His big dick makes me masturbate too.


Down For The Count

Not exactly ordinary but not over muscled porn bunnies either,  these are real MEN and they make me masturbate.


A Poem

I like John.  I think he's cute.  He loves to play with his dick too.

Phone Sex - Gay

Watch Him Masturbate Again

A week or so ago I posted a short clip of this man masturbating and it was pretty well received.  Today I was lucky enough to find the complete video for your enJOyment.  Those of you who liked him can now spend 45 minutes masturbating along with him as you watch him make love to his penis.

Ben's Latest

He's just so damn cute. I never get tired of that beefy body and killer smile.

Imagine The Possibilities

Red Hair Pink Penis



The Folsom Street Handshake

Oh Daddy!

I wouldn't mind curling up next to him at night.

Big Guy With A Smaller One

Men like this just drive me crazy.


Watch Him Masturbate

The first video isn't the best quality but was taken during this hike so is worth viewing.  The second vid gives us a much better look at him has he prepares for his mountain bike trips.